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The Art of Managing Up

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Managing up is about making your own life easier at work. An ability to manage up is seen as a core leadership skill that can help you to be more in control of your own workload and enable you to use your initiative. It may even brighten your career prospects. Even better, done well, managing up can help take the pressure off your boss. And that can alleviate pressure from "higher up" on you and make for a more harmonious work place. Want to turn things around? Start working through this practical module now.

A practical module packed full of tips, advice and reflections designed to help you think about what you can do to better manage your energy at work.



This module has been accredited for 6 core PDP points by The Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine. Members should contact us at when they have completed the course to receive their Certificate of Completion with the required wording.  ID no: 12344.